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Draft for Remembrance

Installation, 7 channel video, a book, 2013

In short, the piece Draft for remembrance departs from the idea of my generation, born in 1989 in former Yugoslavia - the state that doesn’t exist anymore, and we were too young to remember it. First memories related to war and the economic/political situation of Croatian early 90’s make this generation specific. My intention is to show the political and cultural history through our first memories. The main question is how our remembrance is connected with certain places. Most of the time, it’s a blurry picture with a certain story. The process consists of three phases – an interview with people born in 1989, where we talk about the situation and first memories; then we visit the place which is strongly related to the memories. The final phase is activation of remembrance. The idea is to evoke and activate the memory through more or less dynamic movement.