Katerina Duda (1989) mastered Animated film and New Media at the Academy of Fine arts, and she mastered Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.


  • Currents, 16', 2019, documentary short, Restart Laboratory, Restart
  • The Cutting, 11:30', 2015, documentary short, Restart ŠDF

Solo exhibitions and projects

  • November 2020, Rijeka: The Yearbook of Movement, soundwalk in public space, GSG, Rijeka
  • December 2019, Hands, sheet, broom: a statistical chronicle, public space action, 2019 GSG, Rijeka
  • June 2018, What are we supposed to do with an art Collection?, solo exhibition, Galery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb
  • Ožujak 2018, Thanks, and Now Nothing Anymore, solo exhibition, Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
  • December 2017, Thanks, and Now Nothing Anymore, solo exhibition, Forum Gallery, Zagreb
  • June 2017, A Step for Koteks, solo exhibition, Galery VN, Zagreb
  • July 2016, Migraine diary, solo show, Tabor film festival, Veliki Tabor, in collaboration with Green Room gallery, Zabok
  • June 2016, Ako možemo dobiti malo žamora? (If we could get a little of noise?), Picture of Sound, 3rd program of Croatian Radio
  • March 2016, Open Studio, Galery Miroslav Kraljević, Zagreb
  • October 2015, Zicni se!, collaboration with Vlatka Blakšić, part of the project Tromostovlje, Ars publicae, Zagreb
  • August 2015, Zagreb: tourists, shops, terraces, squares, solo piece, Urbanfestival 13 „Back to the square!“, BLOK,Zagreb
  • July 2014, Prepričavanja (Retelling), exhibition with Roko Crnić, LiberSPACE, Hallway-gallery, Zagreb

Group exhibitions and projects

  • December 2020 Machines of Deceleration, online program curated by Daniela Arriado & Vanina Saracino KUNST TV, Art Republic
  • August 2020., Cinemaniac/ Prazni sati, group exhibition, ECPD – Europski centar za mir i razvoj, Pula
  • October 2018, IT IS NOT FUTURE THAT ALWAYS COMES AFTER, A review of the artistic production of the Motel Trogir project 2014-2018, Slobodne veze/ Loose Associations, MKC Split, group exhibition
  • May 2018, "Agon, when did we forget to play?", group exhibition, Hestia, Belgrade, Srbia
  • May 2017, "Untitled" Pustijerna, Art radionica Lazareti, group exhibition, Pustijerna, Dubrovnik
  • May 2017, The East is West of the West, project organized by Loose Associations, Mediterranea 18 - Young Artists Biennale, group exhibition, Tirana, Albania
  • November 2016, Grad na drugi pogled (The City at the Second Glance), project organized by PUNKT, group exhibition in Striegl City gallery, Sisak
  • December 2015, Herojska iscrpljenost (Heroic exhaustion), group exibition, curator Martina Kontošić, Galery Nova, Zagreb
  • November 2015, Romer VXIII. Pop-in pop out, group exhibition, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany-
  • October 2015. Red-usporavanje (Order- slowing down), group exibition, curator Martina Kontošić, Galery VN, Zagreb
  • July 2015, Zicni se! (Take a seat!), collaboration with Vlatka Blakšić, D-izložba, group exhibition, Dan D, Zagreb
  • December 2014, Razmjene i izmjene (Exchanges and changes), part of 10th Fair of Culture (Velesajam kulture), Student center, Zagreb
  • November 2014, group exhibiton, part of Inteface, New Media Festival, Greta, Zagreb
  • September – October 2014, Passing Through, Alenka Cindrić, Roko Crnić and Katerina Duda, Gallery SC, Zagreb
  • February 2014, Stražnji ulazi (The Back Entrances), SKC Gallery, Rijeka
  • May 2013, Refleksije grada (City Reflections), library in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb


  • September 2016, MOTEL TROGIR: The East is West of the West, a three day study visit, Slobodne veze/ Loose Associations
  • October 2015 – January 2106, fellowship on the Akademie Schloss Solitude, as part of Eastern European Network, Stuttgart, Germany