Documentary short, 16', 2019

What are we supposed to do with an art collection?

Art and research project, GMK, 2018

Thanks, and Now Nothing Anymore

Multimedia installation, 2017

A Step for Koteks

Two channeled video, 2017

If we could get some noise?

Audio piece, 25:33, Picture of Sound, 2016

Reclaim the City from the Tourist

Installation, series of actions in public space, artist book, video, 2015

Zagreb: Tourists, Shops, Terraces, Squares

Tourist guide for city residents, and a two-week action in public space, distribution of flyers and city walks, Urbanfestival, 2015

The Cutting

Documentary film, 2015, 11:30'

Take a seat!

Site specific intervention carried out for the project Tromostovlje project (Three bridges), Zagreb, 2015


Site specific installation, Liberspace, Hallway-gallery, 2014

Migraine dairy

Three books, A5 format, 2014

Slobodno/ Available

Preformance, 36 min, 2012


Performance, video, 10:58 min, 2011