Rijeka: The Yearbook of Movement

Soundwalk, GSG, 2020

The work Rijeka: The Yearbook of Movement is envisaged as a continuation of the 2019 action Hands, Sheets, Broom: A Statistical Chronicle in a collaboration with From the Citizens to Their City. When, at the end of 2019, we asked the passers-by in Jadranski Square in Rijeka whether they saw an empty apartment as a missed business opportunity (in the form of daily rent), the majority answered affirmatively. In recent years, the City of Rijeka has been increasingly oriented towards the tourism industry; there were high expectations of the year 2020 and statistics were promising an increase in overnight stays and tourist arrivals. A year later, due to the coronavirus pandemic and epidemiological measures, almost everything has been put on hold. In the form of an audio tour, the work Rijeka: The Yearbook of Movement passes through Korzo and reflects on this central city street from two points in time: the end of 2019 after a successful tourist season and preparations for the next one and the end of 2020 affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Although the time gap between these two perspectives is only one year, it seems that everyday life and our focus have completely changed. While, on the one hand, there are big expectations and forecasts of tourism growth along with the changes that tourism brings to the city, on the other are the experience of empty streets, renovated empty apartments and change that affects our daily use of space and movement around the city.

The soundwalk in Croatian is avaliable here.

Sound design and mix: Iva Ivan
Narration: Srđan Popović
Design: Petra Milički
Thank to all who contributed and shared their experiences with walking through Rijeka, thanks to Irena Bekić, Branka Cvjetičanin, Lucija Duda, Jakov S. Perković i Lela Vujanić.
References used in the soundwalk narrative:
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Glazba: Retro soul s Bensound