The Cutting

Documentary film, 2015, 11:30'

Several years ago, Lazar, the director's grandfather, go a cell phone with a camera. Since then, he has been documenting everything around him. Having accumulated a substantial amount of material, he asks his granddauther to teach him the art of editing so he can turn his footage into films and send them to the people he has been filming. Around Christmas, the two of them start a joint project: they record the daily winter life of a small village by the sea and preparations of holydan meals. Meanwhile, Grandpha is trying to master the technique of film editing.

The film was produced during the School of Documentary Film, Restart. 2015.
Directing and editing: Katerina Duda
Cinematography: Lazar Bekić i Katerina Duda
Sound design: Iva Ivan
Producer: Anita Bastašić

Festivals and awards:
Liburnia Film Festival 2015.
ZagrebDox 2016. (Happy Dox)
Croatian Film Days 2016. (Jelena Rajković Prize to the best young director under 30)
Tabor Film Festival 2016.
Star Film Fest 2016. (best documentary film), Sisak
Free Zone Film Festival, 2016., Belgrade